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A little bit about me

I fell in love with photography while I was still toddling around chasing cats across the green yard in the California sun. I grew up the hazel-eyed only child of an esoteric, erudite family in Santa Cruz, a place where the climate and culture are suffused with an optimism that stands independent of means or situation-as if life could be redeemed if you believe in kindness and goodness, in your ability to manifest safety and hope, and in the erratic human covenant that promises you can do anything you set your mind to. Photography has been a creative and romantic realization of this paradigm.  

What I do

A little bit of my work

Great portraiture touches the heart and inspires the mind of the viewer. My work allows my client’s marketing and brand identity to captivate their audience, to make their customers dream. It’s a beautiful way to differentiate yourself from endless competition.

I am a producer, a creative director, and a photographer. We’ll talk about your needs and the goals for the shoot, and plan what the photos should look like. At the shoot you should have fun and be able to relax. I love drawing shy people out of their shells and watching my clients transform into comfortable fun pioneers and visionaries. I love my work, and so should you!

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